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The Dog Days of Summer

The dog days of summer – also known as the hot, humid, unbearable summer days between July 3rd and August 11th – are upon us. Many believe that this time is called the “dog days” because it is so hot, even dogs are panting from the heat. In reality, the term “dog days” came from the ancient Greeks referring to the dog star, Sirius. In July, Sirius would rise just before the sun, a position that was connected with heat, drought, thunderstorms, fever, lethargy, and bad luck.

Lucky for us, we can now forget these catastrophic thoughts and escape the heat by sipping on a margarita, putting our feet in the sand, watching the sun set over the water and flipping through adorable dog photos.

Fozzie – Maryland                Moon – Mass.                      Santana – Louisiana


Duke – Texas                                                  Maui – Mass.


Wraggles – Mass.                 Ava – Texas                            Bean – New Jersey


Reagan – Illinois                                             Koda – Louisiana


Dodger – Ohio              Mattis – North Carolina          Millie – Iowa


Lovey – Florida                  Keys – Alabama                        Lucy – Illinois

Bracey – Virginia                                      Frank – New Jersey