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Top 5 critters of a New Orleans swamp tour

1. Alligators

The most sought-after critter of the big Louisiana swamp… the gator. Just be safe, guys.


2. Wild Pigs

Didn’t know about this one? Neither did we. But keep your eyes peeled for these giant babes, because they’re definitely out there.


3. (Big) Birds

Birds of a feather… flock together? Okay, that’s not really relevant here, but there are a ton of cool birds to be seen on a swamp tour. The Egret below is just one. Look out for Great Herons, Owls, Hawks, and more.


4. Nutria

Also known as the river rat… sexy pseudonym, right? We’d prefer to think of the nutria as in the otter family. You win some, you lose some.


5. Turtles

Given the cuteness of those baby turtles in South Carolina, we thought you’d be happy to know not all the swamp animals are large and/or scary. Because turtles!