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3 meals that taste better outside

Now is the perfect time to spend your evenings in the back yard/front yard/porch/outdoors with family and friends. The sun sets late and the nights are warm, meaning there are many beers to drink. If you’re craving some seafood, wanting to feast ‘till the sun comes up, or trying to chow down healthily, these recipes are for you.

Trying to stay svelte for the pool/beach/lake/body of water? Try grilled salmon & asparagus with baked brown rice

Salmon is the perfect protein for a hot night. It’s easy to cook, can be flavored beautifully, and won’t leave you longing for sleep like steak or burgers. Pair it with asparagus and tasty brown rice to leave you full and still ready to show off that beach bod the next day.


Going all out tonight? Make pulled pork sandwiches with grilled pineapple, roasted corn, & Greek salad

You’re gonna have to roast the pork shoulder for three-and-a-half hours, but that just leaves time for a longer cocktail hour (or 3.5). Just make sure to save some room for the feast ahead of you. You’re going to want to devour all of it.

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Got veg-heads in the crew? Vegetable shish kabobs & pasta salad are the way to go.

For those vegetarians, backyard meals don’t need to be dominated by carnivorous pleasures. Show your meat-loving friends what’s up by grilling some shish kabobs with bell peppers, portobello mushrooms, onions, and tofu. A cool penne pasta salad pairs great with this. You’ll have those steak lovers looking over at your plate with envy, though they probably won’t admit it.