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Kickstart your post-holiday health with these snacks

Feeling a little bit… under the weather this week? Feel you. Days spent at the beach, drinking cocktails, eating chips, guac, burgers, corn… mmm. Now you’re back at work, and it’s not so great. Here are a few foods to help you get back on track and maybe bring you back to life after all that… relaxing.

Eggs benny, anyone?

Eggs are full of hardworking amino acids like cysteine and taurine. That’s science for: an omelet will make you feel better. A runny over-easy egg with toast is one of our favorite breakfasts, and technically, it’ll help ease our long weekend headache and make us healthy! Win, win, win.


A buncha bananas

The easiest and most perfect grab and go snack. They contain potassium, which helps with that pesky hangover. One too many beers at the cookout? No judgement, but maybe grab a banana. Freeze them, dip them in chocolate, and you’ve got yourself a healthy but sweet treat.


Oats: not boring!

Maybe oatmeal reminds you of that boring, blah breakfast your parents wanted you to eat before school. It’s got nutrients like B vitamins, calcium, magnesium, and iron to boot. It’s healthy, we get it. But check out this list of 15 crazy fun ways to eat them oats and you might end up loving it.


Get a little toasted

Ah, toast. Honestly, nothing more on this. Eat toast. Put jam on it. Maybe some butter. Enjoy.


And lastly, pickle juice!

We dare you to try it. Dare you. Brush your teeth afterwards.