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Our Favorite Beers with Funny Names

Need a couple of ice breakers in hand for those annual family picnics? Say no more folks, we’ve got you covered. Sink your teeth (and taste buds) into these funny-named (and top rated!) brews as you navigate your social events calendar this summer (family reunions and otherwise). While we can’t guarantee they’ll ensure success on all fronts, we feel confident they’ll help liven up the chitchat.

Smooth hoperator

Inspired by the one and only Sade, this brew will have you saying “ahh” at your first sip. Infused with a sweet caramel and roasted aroma, this beer has great hops, a roast malt and chocolate flavor that will delight the palate of any guest. Don’t forget to play “Smooth Operator” if you really want to get into the theme.

Sea Dog

Could there be a cuter name for beer!? This adorable logo will win the heart of any dog lover on board. Inspired by none other than Barney, a Great Pyrenees who served as the company’s apprentice brewmaster and figurehead, this brew originates from coastal Maine and truly captures the spirit of the state’s sea-faring history.


Monkey Paw’s Bonobos

Created by Monkey Paw Brewery in San Diego, this citrusy brew is loaded with equal parts hop flavor and carbonation. In case you were curious, the Bonobo species is one of the two species of apes most closely related to humans (the other is the chimpanzee, in case you were wondering). Cheers to our fellow primates!


SanTan’s MoonJuice

This Arizona based IPA has a juicy, tropical aroma that feels like a cross between sauvignon blanc and, well… beer. Infused with juicy fruits like peaches and berries, this white wine-inspired brew will have your guests reaching for seconds!