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Find your escape in New York City

It’s summer in New York City. The sun is shining. People are frolicking and running and biking. Fewer rainy days and multiple layers of clothing. It’s all been ditched for the beautiful heated days filled with shorts and sandals. Oh, summer. How we love you. Yet, while we’ve changed our wardrobe to the changes, our mindsets remain stuck in winter in our cold offices. But wait! Here’s 3 ways to change it up, right in the center of the Big Apple.

1)     Instead of continuously jamming every possible inch of our bodies into a small subway car, it’s time to change that by taking in the scenery. Grab your bike and pedal your way to work. Allow the sun to give you that tan without having to drag yourself to the beach! If you’re having trouble finding a bike, let this map help you out!


2)      We all have long, hellish days. It’s bound to happen living in NYC. That grind is real. Normally, we hit the local bar, grab a couple drinks and forget the day ever happened. Instead of sitting in the underground bar with no light, hit a rooftop bar, let the sun and pure awesomeness of that wild NYC skyline help get rid of that crappy day! If you don’t know any sweet rooftop bars, let this map be your guide! Try to make it to all of them by the end of the summer, we dare you.


3)     That normal drink that we have, the usual, as we always call it. Maybe it’s a whiskey ginger or a G&T. We all have one — it’s the easy order. Change that up by ordering a margarita instead, and for even greater measure, add some salt to the rim. Let the tangy sweet drink allow you to be transported some amazing coastal beach somewhere! If you need help finding a great margarita, here’s an amazing spot to start with! If you want to whip up a batch at home, we’ve got a few recipes ready and waiting.


Let’s not forget that it’s summer, guys! We all need to embrace the amazing whether while we can. So let’s change that mindset and grab a marg. On a rooftop. After you biked there. The day is done.