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This One Is For All The Virgins

Whoa! Get your mind out of the gutter. We’re talking about virgin cocktails over here!

While an ice-cold margarita is our go to beverage of choice, there are times when we all may need to switch out our favorite cocktail for something a little more… Let’s say, “hydrating.” That’s where the mocktail comes in: A concoction of delicious refreshments blended perfectly to satisfy your adult beverage palate – without the “adult” part.

If there’s one beverage that goes with summer as well as a margarita, it’s coconut water. Equal parts delicious, refreshing and good for you, coconut water is naturally fat- and cholesterol free and is packed with as much potassium as four bananas*.

We’ve put together our own take on a coconut “faux-jito” mocktail that will have your taste buds saying, “ahhh” all summer long.

8 oz. Coconut Water
Juice of one Lime
Bunch of Mint Leaves (5-7)
1 tsp. Simple Syrup

Make It
Muddle mint until soft and add leaves to the bottom of your glass. Fill glass with ice. Add juice of lime and simple syrup. Fill remaining glass with coconut water. Top with a straw and umbrella

Enjoy (responsibly)!