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6 Instagram Accounts To Inspire Your Inner Adventurer


Adventure is at your fingertips, thanks to these Instagram accounts, which bring you along on amazing explorations. From paddle boarding pups to the world’s most dangerous selfies, these accounts will inspire you to turn your daydream into a reality.


1. @BreezeTurner


A Nevada local and standup paddle board enthusiast, Breeze Turner’s jaw-dropping photographs will inspire you to hit the water. Bonus: Her adorable furry sidekick, Marley, joins in on many of her escapades.


2.  @Angela_Nikolau


Fearless Angela Nikolau takes the selfie game to new heights … literally! From skyscrapers to bridges, Angela is always looking for new climbing adventures. And she always snaps a sick shot when she reaches the top.


3. @DanielKordan


Landscape photographer Daniel Kordan’s images are almost too beautiful to be true. A constant traveler, his subjects include dazzling sunsets, hidden waterfalls and even the occasional wild stallion.


4. @BrianSkerry


The wildlife photographer and ocean explorer Brian Skerry takes his followers underwater and gives a closeup view of the aquatic life he encounters. The best part? No snorkel required.


5. @HelloAmerica_


Kristen Blanton and Matthew Jozwiak, the cofounders of photography company Hello America, left Texas and went off the grid in 2014. Traveling from coast to coast they share their adventures with a unique vintage vibe.


6. @Neyu_Ma


#FlexibilityGoals + #TravelGoals = the Instagram world of Neyu. Not only does this bendy bohemian travel to some of the world’s most fun, far-off places, her yoga moves make for some crazy cool shots.


7. @belowthy


This account consists of “mostly Alaska” where this Insta inspiration creator Carson was born and raised. When he’s not hanging out in his family bakery, he’s sharing simply stunning shots of the Last Frontier.