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41 trips around the sun

With today’s technological advancements, we can literally track and manage everything we do.

Whether it’s our steps, our macros or our followers, we have apps that can measure every little detail and spit out our progress. They tell us everything we need to know so we can take the necessary steps *pun intended* towards improvement.

Because as this implies, we can’t manage what we can’t measure.

But there are some things that technology just can’t do. There’s a certain level of genius and intuitiveness that is just missing in an app. There’s an understanding of feeling and emotion that a machine can ever tell us.

When we were trying to to come up with the figures for people to understand their Margaritaville Fan Status, we quickly realized there is no algorithm to punch in.

So to get these facts and figures, in typical Margaritaville fashion, we huddled up in tiki hut with a round of LandSharks and discussed a solution. After singing some tunes and sharing some laughs, we finally made a breakthrough: We should just guess.

This is the FIN-fographic is the result of that tiki hut mastermind.

Use these numbers, based from calculated guesses between sips and song verses, to track and manage the progress of your Margaritaville Fan Status.

Fins Up!