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8 Rescue Pets You Need To Follow On Instagram

Anyone who has ever adopted a pet will tell you just how much joy and love they bring into your life. Their unquestioned loyalty, shameless admiration and downright devotion to their owners create a one-of-a-kind bond no other relationship can match. Not to mention, they are just plain cute. Whether you’re considering adopting from a local shelter or have a rescue pet of your own — or are just really into adorable animals, we’ve pulled together a must-follow Instagram list (rescue pets edition!) just for you.

1. Exciting Life Of Homer & Heidi (@homerandheidi)

Take me to the place where the wild things are???? ?

A photo posted by a new adventure everyday (@homerandheidi) on

The two best pals that anyone could have, Homer and Heidi are adorable mutts from central Ohio. Their feed will make you want to grab your furry friend and head straight for nature.

2. Bunloafable (@bunloafable)

The elops will see you now.

A photo posted by Bunloafable (@bunloafable) on

These two love bunnies will have you littering their feed with heart-eye emojis as you scroll through every cute picture.

3. Banjo The Talking Dog (@banjothedogo)

Putting on my party face. Hello weekend!!! ?

A photo posted by Banjo the Talking Dog!! ??? (@banjothedogo) on

A smart and adorable rescue pup, Banjo’s personality shines in every Instagram post. Watch him perform tricks and live the good forever-home life in his videos!

4. Little Brook Farm (@little_brook_farm)

Speedy. One of our many off the track thoroughbreds!! 

A photo posted by Little Brook Farm (@little_brook_farm) on

Home to 80 rescued horses, Little Brook Farm showcases plenty of beautiful and inspirational photos of life on their farm.

5. Lobstah The Cat (@lobstah_the_cat)

✋ Stop right there!! — Photo by @benjihunt

A photo posted by Lobstah the cat (@lobstah_the_cat) on

Born with a deformed paw, crooked tail and no sternum, sweet Lobstah has been through a lot. But now this little kitty is a ball of loving energy that just lives for lounging and playing.

6. Rafa, Taco, Lucky & Chloe (@deity.jewels.and.rescues)

Morning meditation.? ? Photo credit to the amazing @lapicnic ✨

A photo posted by E l l e n S u e (@deity.jewels.and.rescues) on

With four adorable rescue dogs (Rafa, Taco, Lucky and Chloe), the cuteness of this tail wagging feed never ends. Just try to get through a single scroll without smiling at the love these four share. You literally can not.

7. Hammy The Mini Pig (@moonsovermy_hammy)

Enjoying this beautiful day here in Kansas City!! Happy Friday friends! 

A photo posted by Hammy The Mini Pig (@moonsovermy_hammy) on

Cats and dogs aren’t the only animals in need of a forever home. Hammy the Mini Pig lives it up at home in Kansas City, where he has plenty of space to roam and a family to love.

8. Remmy and Brie (@remdawg.the.tripawd)

If you like to get outdoors, you will love following Brie and her rescued three-legged companion, Remmy as they explore some of America’s parks, rivers and mountains on their adventures together.