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5 Shelter Dogs You Can Adopt Right Now

This is it, folks, the final round of puppers up for adoption this month. As promised, we’re highlighting a few furry friends, all of whom have the potential to become your new best pal. We’ve saved a downright pawfect bunch for last!

And don’t forget: Your new shelter dog enables you to create an ironic Instagram account in a totally socially acceptable way. You simply can’t put a price on that.

1. Bellafleck: 8.5 y/o Rottweiler / Australian Shepherd / Mix

All Breed Rescue, Williston, VT

She may be eight years old, but Bellafleck’s still got that childlike wonder in her eyes. Click here and adopt this droopy-eared beauty today.

2. Tyler: 3 y/o 

Saving Paws Rescue, Rye Brook, NY

It’s all smiles and sunshine for Tyler. Nobody loves life more this ball-fetching, lap-laying legend. Adopt the peppy pup here!

3. Putty: 4 y/o Dachsund Mix

All Breed Rescue, Williston, VT

Okay come on is this guy even real? Share a stuffed toy with Putty and he’ll turn into just that. Click here and experience his patented full body wiggle.

4. Tiny and Shiloh

Saving Paws Rescue, Rye Brook, NY

A two for one special, these bonded buddies are equal parts inseparable and adorable. Join the cuddle train and adopt them here!

5. Lucy: 5.5 y/o Pit Bull / Terrier Mix

All Breed Rescue, Williston, VT

Behold! A rare and majestic land seal. This gentle gal has a PhD in couch naps and is more than happy to teach you her ways. Adopt her here.