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Animals who love fall

It’s finally back—the season of pumpkin spice and everything nice, sweater weather and knitted scarves, Halloween frights and changing leaves. We’re celebrating the return of fall by introducing you to some adorable animals who love this glorious season just as much (or more) as we do.

These English Bulldog puppies who are decorating for a harvest party:

English Bulldog puppies with fall decor

They still haven’t quite figured out how not to eat the décor, but they do have their autumn color scheme down pat. Brown, white, puppy eyes, puppy paws… done.

This Chihuahua feeling very cozy in his brand new sweater:

Chihuahua wearing tiny sweater

Look at him—feelin’ sharp (and warm) on his brisk morning walks, thanks to Grandma’s knitting skills. He’s been waiting all year for sweater-weather, just to pull this baby outta the closet. So vintage.

This hedgehog whose favorite sound is the leaves crunching under his little feet:

Hedgehog in autumn leaves

A hedgehog. Hiding in the leaves. Because it’s fall.

This Golden Retriever who refuses to let a little rain dampen her mood:

Golden retriever with rainboots and umbrella

Ugh. She’s holding your umbrella. And she’s got rainboots, only for her front paws. A little chilly rain ain’t no problem here!

This lil’ kitten having an afternoon nap:

Kitten snuggled in blanket with fall leaf

Yes! The cozy blankets are back in existence on all the couches and bed! A kitten’s happy place. After a busy morning chasing leaves around, this is the ultimate fall nap spot.

Dreyfuss, a dog who loves to spice up his fall wardrobe with jewel tones:

Dog wearing scarf

This pup’s fave part of fall? Scarves. All the scarves. In fact, he might have stolen this scarf from his human … but it looks better on him. Right? Tell him it looks beautiful or he’ll get cranky.

Baxter, a playful Boston Terrier, who is turning leaf-catching into an Olympic sport:

Boston Terrier jumping at leaves

Must. Have. This. Leaf. For style, execution, and pure joy, we award 10s across the board.

This bunny who is really excited to make her Jack-O-Lantern:

Bunny with pumpkin

She’s been hanging out at the pumpkin patch, searching for the perfect squash. But she might have a bit of a struggle getting it home … because it weighs more than her.

Louie, who is looking forward to his Pumpkin Spice Latte:

Dog sniffing at mug of Starbucks coffee

He just loves enjoying the warm, spiced taste of autumn in a mug. Dogs: they’re just like us! His human must have put it on the table by mistake. He’s just waiting for it to be poured into his silver bowl. Share, please!

This cat, who is dying to play a game of hide and seek:

Cat hiding in pile of leaves

He’s been hiding in that pile of leaves for hours, already! Waiting and waiting, but may have also forgotten he’s playing hide and seek and just decided to hang out. Don’t ask him to count to ten—he only knows 1–9.

This beautiful boy, who knows when to just lay down and drink it all in:

Dog relaxing in leaves

Look how zen. Just breathing in that crisp autumn air, watching the leaves glide down gently to blanket the ground. Sigh. To be a dog.

This owl, who has never been happier to have his bird’s-eye view:

Owl in tree with leaves changing colors

He knows that the gorgeous swirl of reds, oranges, and yellows is even prettier from up there.

And London, this chilly Pomeranian, who knows that the very best way to celebrate the season is by curling up and keeping cozy:

Pomeranian tucked into bed

What says “Hello, fall!” better than a blanket burrito? Nothing. That’s right, nothing.

Photos: Rita Kochmarjova /, Liliya Kulianionak /, otsphoto /, monicore, otsphoto /, Alena Ozerova /, Shane Adam, Amanda Bowman, Land Between the Lakes KY/TN, Rob Swatski, James Lee, Peter Laurent, martin_kubik /, Natasha Sully