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It doesn’t have to be that hard: 12 Simple Halloween Costumes

You got your first Halloween party invite of the season … yay? If you love the idea of Halloween parties but just never quite get it together on the whole “costume” thing, we’ve got the answer. Quick, easy costumes that will take mere moments to get ready and out the door in.

If You’re Feeling Casual

Shaggy Rogers

Scooby Doo gang costumes

Throw on a green shirt and brown pants, and run your hand through your hair several times. Done! Stay in character by hanging out near the snack table all evening.

Where’s Waldo

Couple and dog in Where's Waldo costumes

If you’ve got a white-and-red striped shirt and a white or red beanie, then this costume is for you. And if you want to ditch the party early, just slip away without telling anyone. They’ll be asking where you went all night, but they’ll never find you.

Jimmy Buffett

Jimmy Buffett

Now’s your chance to wear that brightly-colored graphic tee, polo, or Hawaiian shirt that you can’t get away with at work. Pair it with a hat and some aviator shades, and tell everyone you’re searching for your forever-lost shaker of salt.

If You’re Feeling Sporty

Football Player

Football player costume

Super easy and comfortable. Just pull on the jersey from your favorite team, and throw a bit of black face-paint under your eyes. Bam! Your dreams of being a professional athlete just came true.

If You’re Feeling Nautical


Woman dressed as a pirate

No need to go full Captain Jack Sparrow. Just put on a loose white shirt and ripped up pants, and tie a colored scarf around your head. If you really want to go all out, grab yourself an eye patch.

If You’re Feeling Whimsical

Frenchman / Frenchwoman

French Halloween costume

Ever dreamed of being French for the night? All you need is a striped shirt, a scarf, and a beret. Feeling peckish? Bring a fresh baguette.

If You’re Feeling Punny

Deviled Egg

Deviled Egg Halloween costume

Grab a white t-shirt, then cut out a piece of yellow paper, and pin it to your shirt. Toss some red devil horns on your head, and call it a costume. For even less effort, find one ready-made.

Fork In the Road

Literal fork in the road

Go for all-black clothes and stick a line of duct tape stripes down your middle. Attach a plastic fork (or metal, for the environmentalist) to your shirt, and prepare to give people an existential crisis.

Cat Burglar

Cat burglar costume

Black pants, black shirt, black hat. Grab an old pillowcase and draw a dollar sign on it. Where’s the pun, you ask? Throw on some cat ears, and voilà! Cat burglar.

If You’re Feeling (Slightly) Crafty

Google Search

Google Search Halloween costume

Grab a plain white shirt and write “Google” in blue, red, yellow, and green. Include a rectangle for the search bar. Too much effort? Print a screenshot and tape it on.


Pile of M&Ms

The height of lazy crafting. Grab a solid-colored shirt, and cut a white “m” out of paper and tape it on. This also makes a great couple costume for an equally lazy spouse or friend.

School Photo

Example of terrible school photo

Dig that ugly sweater your mother bought for you four birthdays ago out of the back of your closet. Tape a large square of pale-colored paper (blue, for instance) behind your head. A poster board works great. Bonus points if you stand around awkwardly smiling the whole party.

And if you’re feeling really lazy, just go as yourself—and tell everyone you’re from the future.

Photos: Dmitry Molchanov /, Howie Muzika, Stephanie, Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefers, Firma V /, katalinks /, Nw10photography /, Gary Minnaert, Joe Belanger /, Chris Blakely, Evan Lorne /, Evan-Amos, Hendrik Dacquin