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Put A Bar On It: 8 Unexpected Places To Eat & Drink Around The World

Tired of your local watering hole? Get inspired to rethink your next drink with these insanely unexpected spots. With their remote locations and unconventional structures,  just reading about these spaces are sure to transport you to another world.

CLOUD 9: Fiji

Floating in the heart of the Pacific Islands sits Cloud 9, a bar and pizza stand which is only accessible by boat. Oh, and despite the fact that this venue is surrounded by water on all sides, it still manages to maintain a fully-stocked bar and serve gluten free pizza. Grab a drink, a lounge chair and a surfboard and enjoy your afternoon. All you have to do is get to Fiji first.

BUZA BAR: Dubrovnik, Croatia

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The cliffside hole-in-the-wall bars of Dubrovnik, Croatia (called Buzas) are famous for their amazing views and crazy cliff jumps. Most of them don’t have an official listing, but one of the more popular is Buza I. We can’t exactly tell you where it is, but former patrons agree that finding the spot is half the fun.

TREEHOUSE CAFE: Yokohama, Japan

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Ok, so this one is not exactly a bar — but it is a unique place to drink non-alcoholic coffee! Hidden in Yokohama, Japan, this treehouse outside of Tokyo is a popular reprieve from the busy city. Menu options are limited to coffee, tea and first-come-first-serve bagels, but the real treat of Nonja Monja cafe is sitting in an elaborate treehouse high above the street. The funky coffee shop only seats six, so arrive early — and be prepared to make the 20 minute uphill walk to this little gem.

CELLA BAR: Pico Island, Portugal

Cella Bar
Photo Credit: Fernando Guerra | FG+SG

It has alcohol, tapas, insane views and a whole lotta architectural cred, making Cella Bar a do-not-miss restaurant for anyone traveling to Portugal. Built into what was once an abandoned structure on Pico Island, this indoor/outdoor restaurant maintained many of the original elements of its previous venue. It’s remote enough to be exotic, yet hip enough to be chic. So grab a cocktail and watch the sunset over the rocky seas … just don’t drink so much that you can’t figure out how to get back!

PARK: Lisbon, Portugal

While you’re in Portugal, stop by Park, an elevated garden terrace that was built on top of (what else?) a former rooftop parking garage. You can take in views of the entire city while eating, drinking and listening to live music.

THE ROCK: Zanzibar, Tanzania

Photo Credit: The Rock

Really want to get away? Visit The Rock, a restaurant located in house, on a rock, off the island of Zanzibar. The founders of this truly remote eatery explain that the rock is, in and of itself, a thing of beauty: “We simply added the love for cooking, courtesy, our professional skills and the joy to share all of this splendour with you.” Even though this place is in the middle of the Indian Ocean, don’t you feel right at home?

DINNER IN THE SKY: Various Locations

Photo credit: Dinner in the sky

Not so into the idea of being on land? Why not take your dinner suspended in the air? Event group Dinner in the Sky sells tickets to their 22-person above-ground meals around the world, where various chefs create menus for diners who laugh in the face of heights. The best part? These dinners will come to you.

GUEST HOUSES: Tiger Leaping Gorge, China

If all of these options are still so run-of-the mill for you, perhaps this extremely remote place to enjoy a meal will suit you better. Behold, Tiger Leaping Gorge, a popular hiking trail in China with guest houses along the way for hikers to rest, eat and recharge, including this one hosted by the Naxi Family. This trip requires some serious commitment, but we have to admit, the view is pretty spectacular.