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Stories We Could Tell: Margaritaville Meets Tulsa (Video)

I wanted to go where it’s warm.

I wanted to go somewhere tropical.

I wanted to go where there was a body of water.

And most importantly…

I wanted to go somewhere new.

Where did I end up going you ask?


Yep, that’s right. (Click to see full video experience!) 

And yes, I was thinking the same thing you’re thinking. It’s the middle of the winter, and Oklahoma isn’t necessary known for those things listed above.

But ah, that’s where I was mistaken.tom-blog7

See, a new Margaritaville just made landfall right on the Arkansas River. Not to mention, a 5 o’Clock Somewhere Bar, Margaritaville casino, and a music venue called the Paradise Cove that are all connected to the beautiful River Spirit Resort. And a LandShark Pool is coming very soon.

Oh wait! I forgot to mention the Margaritaville Coffee Bar. Have you ever enjoyed a fresh cup of Margaritaville Coffee as the sun rises above a river that spreads across four states while smiling about the events that occurred the night before?tomblog9

Well, it might be time. (It was for me.)

From the party people and the staff to the Uber drivers in Tulsa, everyone was warm, friendly, and welcoming. As much as Margaritaville is a state of mind, I didn’t need to imagine anything on this trip.

I had everything I needed to feel the warmth in this new experience.

Oh and just a minor note to add: This happened to be the resort’s grand opening weekend and a musical artist you might have heard of named Jimmy Buffett performed a private concert. Yeah, they let me go to that too!

For anyone who wants to see it to believe it, we filmed the whole adventure!

Watch Margaritaville Meets Tulsa to join me at this opening event – see the hotel rooms, special VIP Radio Margaritaville guests, the pre-show party, margarita moments, workin’ and playin’, and even some behind the scenes conversations with some of the masterminds of the Margaritaville brand.

If you missed this one, don’t worry. The fun thing about Margaritaville is they have places like this all over. They have parties like this year-round.

I hope you enjoy the video as much as I enjoyed my time in Tulsa.

Until next time, #FINSUP!


Thank you to all the staff who helped make this experience as FINtastic as possible!