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50 drinks in 50 states: Mai Tai in California

Get inspired to drink your way across America (without ever leaving your backyard) with Margaritaville’s 50 Drinks in 50 States series.

Somehow, the month of April flew by! It was probably the hustle and bustle early in the month to get your taxes done, or the confusing spring weather that made this month pass in a blink. Hopefully Uncle Sam did you a favor with a solid tax return. If you’re itching to spend it, then we suggest heading to the gorgeous state of California and sipping your way through the state on a Mai Tai.

From La Jolla (where Escape to Margaritaville has its world premiere on the 9th!) to Lake Tahoe, there are endless adventures and breathtaking scenery to enjoy in the large state of California. Along your journey, make sure you stop at the Polynesian-styled restaurant Trader Vic’s in Oakland, where they say the Mai Tai originated in 1944. The fruity rum beverage was created by owner, Victor Bergeron, for his friends visiting from Tahiti. It was such a hit that one of his friends yelled out “Maita’i roa ae!”, which translates to “out of this world!” and inspired the name of the drink.

After much success with this beverage in California, Victor took it to Hawaii and its popularity spread around the world. According to Trader Vic, the Mai Tai drink is “Dedicated to those merry souls who make drinking a pleasure.”

Now that you have a delicious fruity beverage and California on your mind, go book your trip and enjoy!



Shake all ingredients except dark rum together. Pour over glass of ice. Top with dark rum and garnish with maraschino cherries, lime wedge and a mint sprig.

A Twist

Spruce up your drink by adding an umbrella, a slice of pineapple or flowers.