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Margaritaville Foods Selects Winning Eagle Design

Margaritaville Foods is excited to announce the winner of the 2017 “The Eagle Has Landed in Paradise” Contest…Alice G. from Hueytown, Alabama! Alice garnered top honors in the competition with her unique, artistic concept for her eagle featuring amazing tropical flair (below). Ashley C., Mike R. and Summit S. were runners-up with their fantastic designs. Congrats and thank you to all who entered!


The art competition was held in conjunction with the 2017 S.O.S. Eagle Parade, a public art fundraiser to benefit Veterans Count – an organization that provides critical and timely financial assistance and services when no other resource is available to veterans, service members and their families, to ensure their dignity, health and overall well-being.  Veterans Count chose the bald eagle for its majestic beauty, great strength and long life.

The winning vision of Alice G. will be brought to life by a local artist, then showcased at the 2017 S.O.S. Eagle Parade in Manchester, New Hampshire, throughout the summer. In December, the eagle will be auctioned off to benefit Veterans Count and support its mission. Last year’s event raised more than $12,000, with the Margaritaville eagle earning the top bid from a donor in North Dakota.

Fins (and wings) Up!