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The Real Big Mac Burger

In honor of National Hamburger Month, Coral Reefer and award-winning musician Mac McAnally gives us his take on the classic American treat…just in time for your Memorial Day celebrations.


I’m pretty basic when it comes to burgers…well, for that matter, when it comes to anything.

I mix some ground sirloin with some regular 80/20 ground beef.

Fold in some diced onions and some garlic powder, black pepper, a bit of Lawry’s seasoning and wet it down with Dale’s Steak Sauce (a mighty fine soy based sauce from Alabama which helps whatever it touches.)

I sauté some mushrooms (I use PickaPeppa sauce and butter) and a slice each of American and Gruyere.

I’m getting older, so I skip the bun more often than not; but if I’m indulging, I like the consistency of potato buns. Dress it up however you like.

It’s not a successful meal if you don’t need a shower and a laundry by the time you’re done.

Fare Well,