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l’embuscade? Oui s’il vous plaît !

As Jimmy takes the stage tonight in Paris, and to follow up with my post about how I found my home in Caen, I wanted to share a little tradition of the Normandy region: l’embuscade.

The Normandy region is famous for its locally brewed cidre and embuscade. Both apple based, cidre is best described as an apple-flavored bubbly beer, but there’s nearly no beer taste (for people like me who don’t drink beer, this is like apple champagne!). Calvados is distilled from cidre, to make an apple brandy like no other, and with a proof of 80, it’s not something to mess around with.

Calvados is actually a region of Normandy in France, known for its distilleries and beautiful countryside. The drink of embuscade was started in Caen, in the lower region of Normandy, and is a very popular drink among students. While the origins are vague, the infamy of the drink has spread, most notably to the study abroad students I shared my travels with.

The drink is prepared as a pitcher, and is great for sharing!


  • 2 parts Calvados
  • 3 parts white wine
  • 5 parts beer (I suggest LandShark Lager)
  • A drizzle of pomegranate syrup
  • A drizzle of citron syrup


Combine all ingredients in a pitcher and stir. It’s that simple!

Now you’re ready to enjoy a taste of France with Jimmy! And if Paris wasn’t in your travel plans this week, you can catch one of Jimmy’s Paris shows on Radio Margaritaville’s Jimmy Buffett Concert Replay at these times:

Tuesday 9/26-8pm ET
Thursday 9/28-9am ET
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Sunday 10/1-3pm ET

À votre santé!



Abigail Hull is a Margaritaville college ambassador at Northern Kentucky University. You can follow her Margaritaville adventures on Instagram at nku.margaritaville. Learn more about Margaritaville University here.