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5 Shelter Dogs You Can Adopt Right Now – Week 2

Another week, another round of sweet pups up for adoption! As promised, we’re featuring a few furry friends who have the potential to become  your new best pal. Worried you may not find the perfect match this time around? We’ll be back next week with a whole new list!

Just remember, unlike some humans, a shelter dog will never judge you for ordering a second round of Seamless.

1. Holly: 3 y/o Pit Bull Terrier Mix

All Breeds Rescue, Williston, VT

Our girl Holly comes fully equipped with a chill vibe and brainy playfulness. She’s good with dogs, cats, kids and will still have more than enough love left over for you. Leave your lap open because that will be her new favorite spot. Adopt the sweetest pup in the game here.

2. Roxy: 2 y/o Chinese Sharpei Mix

Arizona Humane Society, Phoenix, AZ

If this awkward school photo isn’t enough to make you fall in love with Roxy, we’re going to need to check your pulse. Likes: Head scratches and belly rubs. Dislikes: Not getting head scratches and belly rubs. This lovable lady is available here!

3. Smokey: 7 y/o Boxer & Shepherd Mix

A bit timid and shy at first, this guy comes alive once you show him some love. Get used to that smile because you’ll be seeing it often. Your new canine companion is available here!

4. Greta: 10 y/o Bernese Mountain Dog Mix

Underdog Pet Rescue of Wisconsin, Madison, WI

Don’t sleep on Gorgeous Greta! Despite her age, it’s seems as though she gets happier every day. If going on short walks and petting cute dogs is your thing, Greta is your gal. Adopt her here.

5. Alex: 16 y/o Dachsund

Underdog Pet Rescue of Wisconsin, Madison, WI

Alex is in search of a delightful home to spend his golden years. Don’t you worry, this senior’s still got some spring in his step! Bonus: his adoption fee has been waived. Rescue this elderly gentleman here.