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How to throw an epic football party

We know some of you haven’t washed your Matt Ryan jersey since the Falcons started their playoff run and you do the dirty bird in your sleep. And we’re sure there are plenty of you with sons, dogs and cats named Tom, Brady or Gronk. Many of you may even be lucky enough to be in Houston for Sunday’s game. However, the majority of us are casual fans who will be celebrating one of the best sports days of the year, Super Bowl Sunday, at home this year. So whether you’re the one hosting the party or you’re heading to your buddy’s, here are some tips out of our playbook to make sure your at-home tailgate game is strong:

RaisNABD-blog2e the Bar:
Your guests will come thirsty and stay thirsty…and nothing goes better with football than beer and Sunday Margaritas. For easy variety, ask all of your guests to bring a 6-pack of their favorite ale. Don’t forget the LandShark and for the 2-point conversion, have some lime tequila on hand for Loaded LandSharks or all the ingredients need for Game Day Micheladas. And always, drink responsibly and don’t drink and drive.


Cover the Spread:
No, we aren’t talking about Vegas. Every party is ultimately judged by it’s spread. You’ll want snacks for pregame and main dishes for half-time hunger. This Jerk Shrimp and Grilled Pineapple is a guaranteed crowd pleaser and find more of our favorite recipes are here.

Do Your Homework:
We don’t expect anyone to become Jon Gruden overnight, but come equipped with some football, team or player trivia to break the ice and impress guests. Listen to this episode of the Coconut Podcast to find out why everyone loves Falcons Head Coach Dan Quinn, learn more about the man who was trained by Bill Belichick and now faces off against him on Sunday and find out what Tom Brady and his teammates wear to bed.

Show your Colors:
In Margaritaville, we consider ourselves professional tailgaters. Find inspiration for your home and party by browsing through our Frontgate collection.

Games within the Game:
Some of your guests won’t care about who’s playing, the final score or what a first down is. As best you can, try to get them engaged in the festivities with some games off the gridiron. One easy suggestion to keep the bathroom line short during commercial breaks and everyone talking between downs, Commercial Bingo.mvm163803d

Comforts of Home:
Embrace the fact that you’re enjoying the game in the comfort of someone’s home and not packed in NRG Stadium. Flip flops, sweatshirts and t-shirts are the way to go. It works for Belichick and it certainly works for the Margaritaville state of mind.